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Marina Construction Updates

Check here for recent updates,project information, photos and plans.

We have great news; We are on schedule and have received the permits to start the construction. We have the electrical equipment on order and a lot has already arrived. Now that we are able to start we wanted to update everyone on next steps.

Cypress Island Marina_3 - Photo.jpg

Construction Notes and Pictures

6/8/24 - NOTICE:  We are ready to start on the marina anytime. FPL is aware and putting us on their schedule. We can shut down electric locally (at the disconnect) enough to do most of the work so SMC is scheduled to begin saw cutting and demo of asphalt and curbing Monday 6/10. Current Connections will be there also to begin removing electric from pedestals and switchgear. 

6/1/24 - Phase one: The electrician is meeting with FPL to determine when they can turn off the power to the service panels. The first section will be the Northeast service Panel B which feeds slips 16-21. The hopes are to start this work next week.  We will work with the electrician to determine if and how we can set up temporary power for the affected slips and will let you know what we determine.  Basically, we will be terminating power to the dock pedestals for six slips - 16-21 and will then begin removal of the switchgear and wiring those feeds those slips. Then we will start the pavement and site work demolition as needed to expose the area for the new electrical conduits, retaining wall, steps, and sidewalk. 


Any questions or comments about this project please use the contact section below. To streamline all communication and able to answer correctly we only want to use this format. Please do not call or visit marina staff or construction workers directly. We will also be adding a Frequently Ask Questions section to the site shortly. The questions or comments you send here may help us in adding to this section for other slip owners and tenants to see. 


Thank you in advance for you cooperation. 

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